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CDI Lifestyle Group is a subdivision of CDI Holding Group. We provide interior design service in both residential and commercial sectors. Additionally, we source, develop, and brand household products for our clients who are product designers, home decor companies, and furniture manufactures. From elegant to flashy, generic to extravagant, we've got something to meet your home furnishing needs!

No matter if you are an individual home decorating consultant or a professional design team, CDI Lifestyle’s Designer Club will bring you the most essential resources at your fingertips. Our members-only database will provide all the materials and items you need. We will work with you side by side. Starting from design sketches to product development, manufacturing, logistics, showroom display, marketing, and sales, CDI’s cost-effective all-in-one service team will help you to win more and more clients and projects.

Featured Ideas

Looking for inspiration? We have great ideas for all your indoor and outdoor decorative needs.